Ufa is the most populous and largest city in Bashkortostan is also known as Ufa. It’s located in the middle of Bashkortostan near the junction of the Belaya-Ufa rivers. It is also surrounded by Ufa Mountains which are among Russia’s most scenic. There are many things to find in Ufa. ผลบอล will help you maximise the value of your Ufa visit.

Ufa was a small Ural city before during the Second World War, was one time the capital of Bashkir ASSR. When the chemical and oil industries began to flourish in the region, the population of Ufa rose dramatically. Ufa has been ruled by horrible Soviet structures. Modern Ufa is moving it’s center to the north by the riverbank. Its Belaya River has greatly influenced the history of the city.

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Chemistry and refining oil are at the heart of the economy of Ufa. Bashneft an oil company, has its headquarters at Ufa. The city also hosts a large number of Bashkirs and ethnic Tatars. Despite the diverse ethnic makeup of Ufa, the city has an overwhelming majority of the ethnic Russians. Two universities reside within the city of Ufa: Bashkir State University, as well as Ural State Law University. It also hosted separate gatherings from the BRICS group as well as of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2015.

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